Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 8, Round 2

Good stim this time. Looks like 3 on each side. Right has all 15mm, left has 14mm and 15mm. RE will call with instructions tonight. I go back tomorrow for another u/s. IUI on Monday or Tuesday.

My reflex is: Oh, good! I had 5 or 6 when we got pg with the boys! Maybe this one will work, too!

My next reflex is: Give me a break.

I asked the RE "when is this gonna happen, already" and he jokingly said, "ummm, yes!" But seriously, I can't do this another 8 or 9 times. And, seriously, it won't take that long this time. He says, "you're in a better place" and, of course, we know of many potential pitfalls.


A friend of mine at school came in with her 5-year old daughter yesterday. She was so cute. We (her daughter and I) chatted about school, and little brothers and... and it was all I could do not to pick her up and hug her.

God, I want this so badly.

One way or another, right?



Tash said...

I know it's a gut punch, but i actually think it's really good that you do want it, and can admit that. For real. Hang tough -- we're all here waiting with you, and will be for however long it takes.

Sue said...

It's kind of unsettling. I wanted it before, but now...I don't know. It's different. More physical, more visceral.

Thanks, Tash. It means a lot to know you guys are here.

Michele said...

I want this for you too... Crossing my fingers!

Julia said...

Also here, listening. Just wanted you to know that. And I am with Tash-- it's a good thing, even though fucking scary, to be able to admit it, to own it, so to speak.

But the numbers? They do look fantastic. Please let us know what the RE says, ok?