Sunday, October 11, 2009


Here is a post by Kate over at Sweet/Salty from last week. In it, she shares her experience at her local Walk to Remember, and the words she spoke there.

I'd love to write something wise and deep about it, but I can't. It touched me, because I felt like... "Yes, that. And that, too. And ooohh. (Sniff.) Yes."

If you haven't read it yet, go take a peek. It's worth it.

And, Thank you, Kate, for writing it, and sharing it.

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sweetsalty kate said...

You're so welcome, Sue. I'm so honoured that you saw something in it that felt familiar and, hopefully, healing in some way.

Light and love to you as you hit that bumpy road again, and god, to say 'best of luck' is just such a wild understatement. What else to say? I wish you strength when you need it, sleep when you need it, and the ability to shrug when you need it.