Wednesday, October 28, 2009

15 dpiui, again

Raging, ugly UTI? Check.

Bad mood resulting from UTI and useless Dr. appointment? Check.

Headache? Check.

Beta tomorrow morning, bound to be a waste of time, money, energy and medical supplies? Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.

Whining all over the internet about poor me? Check.


k@lakly said...

SO weird, my reader has a different post up 'in which she rants and..." but when I click on the link it says your blog doesn't exist. Hmmmm.
Still holding out hope for tomorrow.

Sue said...

Yes, I posted a long whiny, bitchy rant that I took down. Basically bad behavior by medical professionals and me whining about how I can't seem to connect with many people, esp med profs, in this town. People outside of school, I mean.

Also, ugly uti/kidney infection. U.G.L.Y.

Sara said...

Ah, I read the rant in the reader and could relate. But I am a bitchy one so perhaps that's not a good thing. I'm teasing, seriously you have enough crap going on with patronizing nurses. And I think you're a sweetheart.

This UTI/KI cycle is agonizing. You should seriously go to the big city if it isn't resolved soon.

Tash said...

Fucking shit, what is WITH the recurrent UTI?? (Or did it ever leave?) Seriously, get someone to take that serious and get it under control. That's crap.

I'm sorry. Hope you can down your meds with a glass of wine. Rant away. I'll read it.