Saturday, March 8, 2008

Broken Record

I hate this.
It's all bad.
This is so stupid.
I can't believe this is my life.
My babies are dead.
I want them back.

I have nothing else to say.


Antigone said...

I've been playing that same record this week.

You know, I haven't actually seen a record since the 1980's. Maybe our ipod's won't shuffle?

CLC said...

I know that record too. I say it to my husband all the time. I can't believe this is my life and that I have to be so fucking miserable all the time. I wonder how long he is going to put up with it.

Regarding your last post, I really feel for you. I find myself telling people I am fine too because it makes them feel better and puts them at ease. I mean who wants to hear me tell them I am miserable and it's not getting better, even a little bit? I would rather they just not call, so then at least I don't have to lie to anyone.

luna said...

I like antigone's comment about the broken shuffle. such is the common refrain: "I can't believe this is my life." I know it just sucks to be here.

keep on writing, STE, as long as there is something, anything to say. thinking of you. ~luna