Monday, March 24, 2008

Feeling the love

(Okay, I tried to include the image, but I have no idea if it worked.)

The lovely C. at My Resurfacing has bestowed upon me the "less than 3" award. I am honored and touched. It's been such a comfort to be so warmly welcomed into this "club no one wants to join." It's hard to choose another blogger whom I "less than 3." Many have been chosen already, and, honestly, I depend upon so all of you daily.

I think I'll choose two whose blogs hold a special place for me:

First, Luna at life from here. She was one of the first deadbabymamas I read, and her eloquence and honesty continue to inspire me. My fingers are crossed for her as she takes this next step in her long journey.

Second (but certainly not least), CDE's blog, Once in a Lifetime. Without getting too mushy, he tells our story with sensitivity and (dark) humor, and demonstrates his strength and courage in dealing with this horrendous loss. I'm glad he has found an outlet for creativity and support.

You guys rock. All of you.

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luna said...

many thanks for the props, STE, and for your support. I less than 3 your blog too! I'll be posting this as soon as I can. ~luna