Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Intermission -- For Dad H

My dear friend, JK, lost her father a year ago on December 25, 2007. He had the bluest, kindest eyes and gave great, loving hugs. I miss him a lot.

This is James Ta.ylor's Secret o' Life.

Just the picture and music:

Wonderful version by India.Arie from a JT Tribute Concert


Tash said...

You're lovely to remember him in the middle of your personal loss, S. Great music, too.

JayKay said...

It means so much to me that you included this tribute to my dad here. You know he loved you like a daughter too.

I still haven't been able to listen to that song. Maybe tomorrow, as a small memorial to him.

BTW, your mention of his eyes brought such a warmth to my heart... thank you again.

I'm thinking of you and C as we go through our shared anniversary. Perhaps next year our lives could parallel in happier ways??

Love to you Suzi Q.