Friday, November 28, 2008


Yes, I'm a day late. Whatever.

I am thankful...

-- that I have a loving, patient strong husband.
-- that I have a safe, strong roof over my head.
-- that I have a home that is warm.
-- that I have enough to eat.
-- that I have loving friends and family who show me their love all the time.
-- that I have the opportunity to be educated in a field that normally impassions me.
-- that I have health insurance that affords me medical and professional support.
-- that I have found loving, supportive community from wonderfully kind people I have never met.
-- that I got to feel my sons move inside me, react to my touch.
-- that I got to feel the joy of loving them, however briefly they were with me.


Nikole said...

I am grateful to "know" you.

Thinking of you, always.

Ya Chun said...

A day late, but I don't care!

Feels good to take stock, sometimes, eh? There is good in my life, not everything I want, but it's still my life, my path, my burden.

I am grateful to see your strength shine through, Sue.

c. said...

I am grateful that you had those moments with your boys as well, Sue, so much so that just reading those last two lines filled me with so much happiness for you, and incredible sadness, too.


Tash said...

Sue, you are incredibly strong to have posted these. (I know we all hate that adjective, but bear with me here.) I, for one, find it difficult on days of forced thanks to find the meaning in anything, anymore. That you have multiple bullet points really says a lot.

I'm thankful to know you, as well. I'm thankful you're able to put your thoughts into words like you do.