Monday, April 28, 2008

Because it is bitter, and because it is my heart*

This morning, after coffee, I took another picture of the tulips in our front yard. They were both dying, and one's petals were starting to curl and fall away. It was just too perfect. I can't even bring myself to post it.

I fucking hate spring.

*With apologies to Joyce.Carol.Oates. and Stephen.Crane.


Julia said...

Tulips are so pretty but they die so fast... There is a whole planted thing of them near the building where I work. Only last week they started blooming, and by the end of it most have started to wilt. That always makes me very sad.
I am sorry yours seem so cruel now.

CDE said...

Oh, ack.

Maybe we should plant the wildflower seeds left over from the wedding.

Amy said...

Oh, STE,
I am so sorry! That effin bites. They are so pretty while they're in bloom. I still believe that your guys are alright. They are playing with my William in a warm place where the Tulips bloom all of the time and never die.

Thinking of you.

luna said...

I had a similar experience with my little random tulips -- so beautiful and meaningful while alive, so depressing and symbolic when they die. ugh.

Tash said...

Yeah, I'm trying to figure out tulips for next year. All the crocus and daffodils seem hardy enough to endure a bit of bad weather, but the tulips really need it continually nice or they just start looking like ass. I'm totally putting in some creeping flox though, because that just looks stellar and doesn't seem to mind the blustery in-between days.

Spring's a big gamble. With a lot of errors involved. Can't believe it took me so long to realize that.

k@lakly said...

Yea, I love seeing all of the beautiful blooms, I wait every year fo the amaryllis in my backyard to open up and I am stuned every year by their beauty but then when they stat to wilt it just looks so awful, I hate it and I hate going out and cutting them off and every year I wonder if they are really worth it...hmmm