Wednesday, February 3, 2010


aka HMC, Day 12/IUI#1 of 2.

(Yeah, it's clumsy. Oh, well.)

So, we had the first IUI today. C couldn't be there, as he's teaching and working all day. And tomorrow, too.

I don't even have any chit chat left for the doctor. Left for the staff.

I'm burgeoning, though, which I guess is good. My last u/s showed 4 follicles (did I already report this?) at about 19-21 on Monday. Triggered last night. Tomorrow is O day. Oh, and I get to teach while recovering -- awesome!! Group work! Word jumbles for everyone!

So, yeah, I'm really achey from these eggs growing. Just have to keep a lid on the hope. I know that just because there are eggs, it doesn't mean anything. Just that there are eggs.

I'm sorry I don't have much to say.

I have work I am still struggling to focus on. I have to get my brain back.

More later, maybe.


Beruriah said...

Fingers crossed. Holding breath.

Thinking of you all.

Bean said...

More fingers and toes crossed for you both!

Michele said...

Fingers crossed!

Ya Chun said...

go eggs! go sperm! we need cheerleaders..... or maybe not.

but I am hoping for you.

dana said...

everything is crossed. thinking of and hoping for y'all.

Anonymous said...

Hoping so much that this is it - take good care of yourself.


Julia said...

Thinking of you, holding the fingers crossed.
Hope the students enjoyed the word jumbles, and that you get that chance to chill after.

carole said...

good news. just that -- good news.

k@lakly said...

Cheering loudly!!! Go eggs! Everything crossed:)