Friday, February 12, 2010

Believe it or not

I haven't tested yet. Not even to see the trigger leave my system. It's 8dpo.

I'm not feeling anything I can't attribute to something else, like progesterone or stress.

I'm caught up with finishing a project. Or trying to, so that's been a decent distraction. But I am looking at old posts, old emails to see what was going on around now in the past, if anything. And what was going on when something did happen.

I have no idea.

If you feel like it, let me know how you're doing, what you're up to this weekend.

Take care.


Tash said...

Good for you. Sometimes it's easier that way, I find. But I'm odd like that.

I think I need to carve a path to the grocery store. I'll take the GPS, a flashlight, and some canned goods with me.

k@lakly said...

You know my philosophy, don't test till you already pretty much know the answer anyways. It's just easier for some reason, at least for me.
My weekend, I hope, involves sleep. Lots of it.
Sorry I am not more exciting.
I'll be waiting on you tho. And hoping.

Beruriah said...

Going to our Big City tomorrow, for dinner and drinks with a colleague.

Good for you for not testing, but just do it if and when you need to.

I'm around.

Hope.Faith.Love said...

You don't have to "let them go" or "get over it". They will always be a part of you and how do people expect you to just blot them out?

Live your life ahead knowing that you are a mother. You helped produce life. Live life cherishing the memories and moving forward with those memories.

The darkness can only exist if you allow it. HUGS

Betty M said...

I was never a tester either. My weekend will involve sleep, work I didn't get done at work & the Olympics.

carole said...

i am pretty impressed at your patience. i never had it, myself. still don't. as for the weekend, i found a rental, found a daycare, talked to our real estate agent about which neighborhoods we want to live and what kinds of houses we want to look at once we move, had a celebratory martini and went to dinner with friends. nicest weekend i've had in a long time. also most stressful and exhausting.

Michele said...

crossing my fingers tightly!

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