Friday, February 19, 2010


So, I took myself off the progesterone and shots and stuff during my migraine, plus considering all the negative hpts, I figured it was a lost cause (yes, I know, I should have waited). I started spotting, very lightly Weds, a little more on Thursday and still, it has not become my period. Usually, it's a matter of 24 hours or less. Aside from color (It is still brown), I won't discuss the quality of this spotting, but it is not like what I usually get. And it's lasted longer than usual. Of course, I am approaching 40, so who knows what the hell my body is doing.

I tested yesterday, 14dpo, and still nothing. I had a little cramping yesterday (thought for sure I was going to start) and a little today.

I haven't tested today, because I really don't think it would show anything I haven't already seen.

I'm supposed to have the beta tomorrow but I'm kind of embarrassed to call because I "didn't follow orders." Not supposed to give up hope at least until after 14dpo and I gave up at about 12. Maybe 11. But really, why waste good drugs, and I can usually read my body pretty well. I was able to anticipate at *least* my last two cycles. Doing a beta at this point seems to be pointless, as well, since I'm getting nothing on the hpts.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Tash said...

I totally would've done the same thing.

I'm doing some asking around about NYC/Cornell, but you might want to research midwestern spots too -- MN, and Chicago. Does Cleveland Clinic by any chance get good reviews per Niobe's link?

Thinking of you, will help in any way I can. xo

Reba said...

i think i would still go to the beta tomorrow, just to be sure and to close the door on this cycle.

progesterone did some funny things to my cycles too. i agree with you, though, that if hpts were negative i would have felt the same way.

i don't know if the IF clinic i went to was very good, although i did get pregnant with them (just lost the babies). boston ivf in waltham, ma. maybe worth checking out, although probably not worth traveling a great distance to. they have a worcester clinic which was close to work, that's why i picked them.

(yes, i work in worcester and think of you every time we have a "worcester day," which is frequently.)