Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am an idiot

Day 10: Trigger with Ovi.drel between 6 and 9 pm

So, about 8:15, I go up to my office and pull out the trigger and a syringe and look for a need for IM injections -- they didn't give me any with my 'script. Oh, I hope I have some left over from 2 years ago... I open the box of Ovidrel, maybe they stuck one in there.

No, no they didn't because it's a subcutaneous injection. And it's premixed. Cool.

I go ahead and give myself the injection. Easy-peasy, right?

I take a look at the box, and oh, what's this sticker? "Do Not Freeze. Keep refrigerated."

Keep refrigerated?!? Oh, CRAP. I've kept this in my office for four and a half weeks. Yes, for about 33 days. Unrefrigerated.


Sigh. I knew this was going too smoothly.

Anyone have any words of wisdom? The IUI is scheduled for 8:30 Tuesday morning.


Should I call first thing tomorrow and tell them I'm an idiot? My day tomorrow is so packed, and I'm anticipating another 40 minute schlep to the office to deal with this. Maybe I should call now and leave a message in the general mailbox. It will get sent to the nurses anyway. Is this a loss?

God. Dammit.

Had the acupuncture Friday at 4:30, and C had some at 5. He's feeling pretty good. Nice time at the party. Productive weekend. Ovaries burgeoning. Great way to end the weekend.



Reba said...

Hi Sue, I think I didn't realize the first IUI I did that I was supposed to refrigerate my Ovidrel, either. I remember calling the pharmacy in a panic and they said it was okay. I had just gotten it in the mail a week or so before, though...I don't know if the extra time would make a difference. Hugs to you and I hope it's fine. Do let your RE's office know, though...who knows if it would make any difference in their calculations of when the IUI should be.

G$ said...

My RE has us POAS the morning after the HCG to be sure its in our system. Maybe you can do that in the morning and also call your doc? Just a suggestion. Hang in there.


Sara said...

No idea if it matters, but my general policy is to always call, no matter what, any time it occurs to me that maybe I should.

Thinking of you.

Julia said...

No personal experience, BUT. It's a hormone, a signaling molecule. So maybe it's a bit degraded. I can't believe it's degraded so much there's not enough left to initiate the cascade it needs to initiate. The dose they give you is an overdose for the purpose, I am pretty sure, since it's a work-around the actual process. So it's a concentration-driven reaction. I have to believe that if it's fine a week in (as in Reba's case), it's still fine now. Maybe not ideal, but enough to do the job. And I like the idea of POASing too, for peace of mind. But I also think it's worth a call in the morning.

Please let us know what they say, ok?

k@lakly said...

I'm worthless. Sorry. But in your shoes I'd do everything I was supposed to do and work off the premise that I'd rather move forward and see what happens than stay immobilzed worrying about what might not...
I hope the doc can reassure you in the am.

Rachel said...

I don't know about this drug exactly, but when trying to get my IF drugs shipped to Europe (so they'd be both too hot and too cold enroute in May) I was assured by my clinic that they would all be fine. I would proceed as if there was no problem, and I really hope that it works.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I wouldn't worry too terribly much about it. According to the Ovidrel prescribing information on Serono's website, it may be stored at room temperature for up to 30 days. I doubt a few extra days would make it much less effective. I would call the RE to ask them about it, but I don't think that anything will be ruined. Good luck!

Michele said...

Sending hugs and crossed fingers... I'm behind on reading blogs so I know my advice is late. From my understanding, Ovidrel can be kept at room temp for 4w or so. So, I'm sure you are fine.