Wednesday, September 30, 2009

15 dpiui -- Updated

Peeing on CV.S Early hpts. Lots of pale evapo.ration lines. Somehow, even though I know evap = BFN, it's not as hard to see as the stark white of the FRERs.

My RE called yesterday to talk to me about the acupuncture and my response. I think he wants to do some sort of article or something about it, because my response was so dramatic. I told him I've kind of been freaking out (*really* bad weekend) and he suggested coming in for another treatment, today. I, of course, agreed.

Before my appointment, I got blood drawn for a beta. (Normally, it's at 16dpiui, but they took pity on me since I was there already.)

Everyone there has their "fingers crossed" for me. Great.

They are such sweet, wonderful people. I feel kind of bad bursting their hope balloon. Which they resist, but then when I ask about refilling my 'script for the Bra.velle, they are all business.

I won't say I have zero hope. Unfortunately, I am a great proponent of magical thinking. Still, I'm expecting nothing. Maybe a beta of 6. If anything. I left the office an hour and a half ago, and one of the nurses told me I would likely hear within the hour. Oh, yes. Let's draw this out, shall we?

I'll keep you posted.

Update: Negative

At least I can stop all the shots and And, once more, into the breach. I'm to call on Day 1.

Also -- looking for info:

If you were infertile, before (or after) your loss, how long did it take you/has it taken you so far to get pregnant again? When will you/did you decide to end treatment? What went into your decision?

What can you tell me about shifting the paradigm from IF treatment to adoption? Thoughts, advice, experiences? Talk to me about beginning this journey...


Michele said...

I'm crossing my fingers too and hoping for a good number. It's been known to happen. Screw the HPTs.

Sue said...

Thanks, Michele! Next time I'll be investing much less in the hpts. At least I'll try.

Beruriah said...

Damn. I'm sorry.

I hope some folks out there have good advice, thoughts, experiences for you.

Aunt Becky said...

Crap. I'd swear more heavily, but this is your blog and you don't seem like the foul mouth type. Just know that I'm thinking that. I'm sorry, STE.

Tash said...

Poop. I'm useless with your questions, other than to say it's really your time-line and your comfort level. If you want to change gears tomorrow, no one will blame you. If you want to try three rounds of this, and a few rounds of IVF, I don't think anyone will blame you there, either. Hang tough.

Sue said...

Thanks, folks.

Dear Aunt Becky, swwet woman, I can curse a blue streak. Oh, yes I can. Please, feel free to curse -- what better reason?

luna said...

oh crap, sue. I'm sorry. that sucks hard.

as to your questions, I could go on forever about that. I'll email you separately. just know the answer will be different for everyone.

Betty M said...

Damn. I'm sorry.
I had some mental cutoffs - 5 fresh ivf cycles total, no tries after 42 yrs (the whole year counted). I've managed to keep within that but who knows what I would have done if I hadn't.

Reba said...

i'm sorry the beta was negative :( here's my answer to your question, i hope hearing different stories helps some.

i was (?? am? i don't know anymore) infertile, ttc for 2 years, got pregnant with my angel twins on our 4th iui. lost them at 16 weeks and decided pretty much no more kids for a while. i got pregnant by accident (if such a thing is possible) 4 months later.

as far as when to quit...when to take a break...whatever, there is only so much a person/couple can take. we tried to know our limits but we were really taking it one step at a time. i kept expecting myself to want to jump back into treatments, and was very disappointed in myself for not wanting to try again. i guess the decision was made for me, and i'm very glad it was. sorry for rambling. hope i've helped.