Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Nada. Nothing.

That's the message from the pee stick gods on 15dpo. Think I should still use the $20-30 apiece progesterone gel and blood thinner?

I don't. I may call the RE's office, but I have a feeling they're just going to say, Well, if you are absolutely, 100% sure you are not pregnant, go ahead and stop the meds. At which point, I'll sigh, and think, well, I guess there still could be a very, very small chance. Because I'm desperate like that.



Tash said...

I'd stop, but that's me. I'm always for a glass of wine in these cases, too.

Much Love.

niobe said...

I'm with Tash.


G$ said...

Having been there far too often, I stayed on them. It pissed me off everytime I had a shot. When is the beta?

Sorry hun

Mrs. Spit said...

Shit. I'd stop. And I wouldn't have wine, I'd be looking for hard liquor.

loribeth said...

I'd probably keep on until the doc said stop, but that's just me -- always the stickler for rules. (eye roll icon here) Whatever you do, I agree alcohol is probably in order. (((hugs)))

Green Kokichi said...

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