Saturday, January 2, 2010


Just to add to the joy of this day (as long as I'm feeling bitter), it was today, Janu.ary 2, 2008, when I was supposed to be induced at the local hospital, somewhat ironically referred to around here as McKill'em and Hide 'em.

At this point, around 10:30, I had already been sent home because some law said they couldn't do it there, what with the minimal staff or something. (When I get to a real computer, I'll link to the post that explains it.)

Yes, at this point, I was back in my street clothes, hoping the IV would last a good long while, and wondering what was going to happen next. Turns out, the next day, I would head into the city, to the university hospital for the real thing.

I'm at C.VS waiting for my prescriptions for the 2ww and just looked up to see a hugely pregnant woman picking up her prescriptions. Of course I did, because at 10:30 on a Saturday morning, in this one-horse town, where else would she be? 10 feet from me is exactly right.

Wow. That's a lot of bitching. Thanks for listening. What are you bitching about today?


Sara said...

My husband won't go see the movie I want to see. :(

Seriously not a big deal but I'm wishing I could say screw him and go with you!

Mrs. Spit said...

I want to eat shortbread, and the diet started yesterday ;-(

Michele said...

My back hurts and my incision still hurts 16+ weeks later and my MIL told me the other day that I'm hurting because I "hold them too much". I was in church so I didnt have the freak out I might have had normally, but I did give her a nasty look and say "No, I'm not. I'm healing. And it sucks." To which she knodded "Oh, Okay."

I wanted to say "Since I should have 8 children right now and I only have two that are living, I'll hold them until I f-ing fall apart. " What made it worse was that I havent told anyone (except Peter) that it hurts, so it wasnt like I was complaining and asking for advice!

Okay... Rant over... Arent you glad you asked?

Julia said...

I am still not done turning in things I owe to my job I haven't been paid to do in nearly two months. This fall has been ass. And I should be trying to finish that crap right now, since I have about 2.5 hours until I have to go see my grandma. Grandma who won't know who I am. So I guess I'd better start on the work bit. I keep promising myself I'd get drunk once all of it is turned in. I imagine I'd feel lighter and less wound, and will get to do all kinds of things that I've been putting off. Like blogging. And sewing. And breathing.

Ok, two thirds of a problem set and some notes on a long lecture is almost all that stands between me and getting drunk. I am going to go try to push through now...

Hope the rest of your day is better.

Tash said...

Once again, we've taken in a stray dog, who actually has a rabies ID tag, but the MF'n people downtown who gave her the shot and have the records won't answer the MF'n phone, so she's ours today, and the last thing I need on the last day of my "vacation" is three dogs destroying my house, with the knowledge that I'm probably going to have to turn this sweet dog over to the city tomorrow. Sigh.

Hope you picked up some chocolate at the pharmacy. Or maybe flashed your flask to the pg woman, just to let her know that you *could.*


Unknown said...

our house is a wreck from our attempts to start cleaning and clearing and decluttering and packing and the whole time i prepare to leave this other nearby shit one-horse town i think about how pissed off i am about living here and how much s's family has totally dropped the ball -- SQUANDERED AN OPPORTUNITY TO GET TO KNOW THE GRANDCHILDREN WE BROUGHT TO THEIR TOWN FROM HALFWAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY -- is how i put it in angry moments, not even bothering to mention the two we'll never have with us again b/c really, people just don't seem willing to hear about it any more.

and i'm bitchy on behalf of you and c b/c you deserve better than your unhappiness and better than living in this crap place and i wish i could do something about it to help.

plus. TIRED.


Cliff Evans said...

I'm going to be at SEA-TAC for the next 10 hours or so. That kinda sucks pretty bad.

On the other hand, free Wi-Fi and I managed to locate a comfy-ish, secluded end of one of the concourses with an unoccupied wall outlet. Boo-yah!

k@lakly said...

Hey there, no bitching for now (althoug Icould give you an earful) but did want to stop by to tell you that you and your boys, have been on my mind, in my heart and in words unspoken all day.