Monday, January 25, 2010

HMC, Day 3

Baseline u/s this morning. Forgot to remind the RE that this was the last one, the "pull out all the stops" cycle. Mentioned it to the nurse, and she said she'd double check the dosage with him. Saw her jot down on a post-it: last cycle. dosage ok?

Last cycle. It was odd to see.

Here's another odd nothing: In the instructions, I see that they say to count to 5 before removing the needle from the skin. I do that with every injection I do, but completely forgot that that's where it came from. Just a part of the process.

Just did my first foll injection. I went through all the instructions for the pen and the cartridge, like a newbie. Even used 3 alcohol swabs.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Here we go.


Noelle said...

Oh gosh. I really pray that this cycle is magical for you.

c. said...

Good luck, Sue. XO.

Beruriah said...

Here it is again, hope. I'll have my fingers crossed and my heart beating a little faster for you these coming weeks.

Mrs.Spit said...

Crossing and praying.

Reba said...

adding my hope for you to the general hopefulness out there. also thank you for linking to that post from mel. very very thought-provoking post, and enjoyable to read.

Michele said...

Saying a prayer and hoping, hoping, hoping that this last cycle brings you joy and a 40 week pregnancy.

G$ said...

Here go, you, here we go.

Thinking only good thoughts for you both.

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