Thursday, December 3, 2009


Cranky ranting to follow:

Got my profs to allow me extra time to complete my work.

So why do I feel worse? Angry. Wracked with anxiety.


And it can't just be that he's paternalistic, arrogant and skeptical of the "medicalization" of mental health, like the use of antidepressants for, oh, you know severe depression and potential suicidality after trauma.

Okay, so I guess I'm feeling a little conflicted.

I appreciate the additional time, but, BUT I "how many points shall I take off per day beyond our agreed-upon due date?" Well, uh, you're the teacher, you decide. Yes, I actually said that. And, no, he didn't blink.

Oh, god. What's freaking amazing is that this is his policy in general for late work. Late *doctoral* work.
And he didn't know what I meant by the letters IVF.

I wish I had told him about the doctor being in my uterus up to her elbow yanking out the afterbirth of my dead baby with her hands.

Or maybe I'm still just full of hate.


Sara said...

Seriously, he didn't know what IVF means? And he likes the trendy "medicalization" dismissals of suffering? Where does he live? In a dark cave? Never mind...I know where he lives. I wish I lived there.

But, all that matters for you is that you GOT the extension. So take some breathing room, and I hope you can rest a bit more easily now.

m said...

Dear Sue, so relating to so much of this post.

It's obvious I am still holding a LOT of anger and hate towards my boss about what did and didn't transpire shortly after a doc was up to his elbows yanking out my babies and rendering my uterus obviously unsuitable for future attempts. I am SO tempted to bring out that imagery just once to her.

But what good will that do? I don't think it will change her. So I deal or I figure out a way to leave. Trying to do both at the moment.

Really glad you got the extension. Sorry its brought more anxiety than relief. Hoping you don't have much longer to deal with this person.

Michele said...

It's amazing how "smart" people can be so dumb...

Cliff Evans said...

This guy's just a straight-up tool. We knew this before she asked for an extension, and he handled it just as toolishly as I suspected he would, showing her all of the respect he does all of the other doctoral students in his class. Which is to say practically none. I have a feeling he's going to get it on his semester evaluations.

If I don't kick him in the junk first.