Saturday, December 26, 2009

Made it

I made it through. Thank you for being there.

Little cleaning got done, but enough. No second pill. A phone call from C at 10:45 pm, no passing around to the family. I guess the weather and change in plans changed the rhythm, or perhaps they were giving me some space. They didn't mention it, and neither did C, assuming sensitivity on their part. Considering the gift already arrived in the mail, and the notes on FB from my SILs, I will assume sensitivity.

A return phone call from the RE's nurse woke me 10 minutes before my alarm, and thus began my rush into the day. Late for my appointment, a bit late picking up J, though I *did* get to call JK to wish her a happy birthday. J and I didn't have lunch almost 2, as we just kept talking, delaying us here, and there.

It's been a wonderful visit so far, though J seems to be coming down with a cold, so we are off to bed early. Laughter and tears and more talking. It has been wonderful.


Michele said...

Thinking of you... Thought of you on Christmas and lit candles for the boys.

loribeth said...

I am still trying to catch up on hundreds of posts in my blog reader from this past crazy month, & am just reading all these posts now. I am so sorry I was not here to help hold you up through this difficult time, but am glad you managed to post your way through it! (((hugs)))