Monday, December 14, 2009


dissolves into anger.

Even with the half a Kl.onopin.

I'm not sure even why. I mean, aside from the obvious fact that I'm having a minor surgical procedure.

I walked around the market picking up a few supplies for the few days I'll be out of commission. Anxiety growing.

Feeling all alone, maybe.

After anxious? Angry. Or, in addition to it. Angry. Sad?


Not sure. There are so many possibilities.

But what specifically?

I hate this.


Noelle said...

What surgery are you having? Can you take the full

I am sorry that this whole thing is so hard for you. You have clearly been through so much.

You are a beautiful writer.

CLC said...

Good luck with the surgery. I would be anxious too. Surgery is never easy.

Michele said...

I'm sorry, dear. Sending warm thoughts.

Once A Mother said...

i'm sorry, anxiety sucks, i know it all too well. i hope you feel relief soon.

k@lakly said...

Of course your anxious and angry. You're entitled.
Hope the surgery goes off without any issues and you're able to put at least this part of it behind you. For good.

niobe said...

What k@lakly said. I've often felt sad and anxious and alone without being sure why and it's very hard. You're in my thoughts.