Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can you hook a sister up? *

*forgive me, it must be the hour...

I'm in pursuit of medication for my injectible cycle, and though my insurance pays 50 percent, I will still likely be responsible for about $1000 or more for the foll.isti.m alone. (900 & 600, or 900 & two 300s)

Got some recommendations from my sis, but I'm terying to cover all the bases. Anyone know of a relible, inexpensive pharmacy in the US? My cycle will likely start around September 2 or 3, so time is starting to be of the essence.



Victoria said...

7 IVFs and one DE cycle and I got all my meds through Alexander's Twin Pharmacy in New Jersey. Neal and his wife Bette are awesome. I priced a number of pharmacies and they consistently had the best prices overall. Prompt service, free overnight shipping (and you can email them for prices).

Tash said...

You crack me up. I got nuthin'. Can I send a bottle of bourbon your way?

Anonymous said...

I've used Medmark and Ascend. They were both reliable, but they were chosen by my doctor's office, so I didn't price them.

Michele said...

I use Mandell's in NJ. They ship and have GREAT customer service. I love working with them. The owners struggled with IF and are available 24/7 for consults and are just so understanding.

Unknown said...

I saw Alexander's Twin Pharmacy and had to say something. Avoid this pharmacy if you value your health and life. This pharmacy has filled many of my prescriptions with the wrong medications, dosages and prescription lengths. Even more troubling is that several doctors have told me to switch pharmacies.
When searching online reviews for Alexander's Twin Pharmacy, it appears that others have had the same experiences. There are so many other pharmacies with great ratings why take the chance.
Lastly and maybe the most unforgivable, the people who work at Alexander's Twin Pharmacy from the pharmacists to the clerks are the most obnoxious, nasty, sarcastic, moody and condescending people you’ll ever have the misfortune to meet. I simply feel sorry for them.