Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tongue-tied and Twisted

I can't even form sentences. It took me 30 seconds to type that.

I have a ton of posts in my head, and no words for them. I can write and write and write and say nothing. The title of this post isn't even original; it's from a Sara Bar.eilles song. Though these words have been running through my head this last week.

I am up. Then, suddenly, weeping.

I have been given the pink rose/kind blo.gger award by three wonderful blog.gers: Luna, Busted, and Ya Chun, but I can't even seem to compose a thank you. So, well, Thank You. Your kindness means more than you can know. I truly appreciate this. I'll put together a post soon, paying it forward, nominating other kind blo.ggers.

I appreciate all of you, those of you who are reading, commenting, sharing your own struggle. It does make me feel less alone.

I haven't been this tongue-tied since January or February. I hope to get this all out, try to share what I'm thinking. Unload, so I can move forward. Or at least release some of the weight from my mind, my heart.

My writing teacher used to say to write even if you have nothing to say: just write whatever is in your head. I'm going to try to do that.


luna said...

hope you find some words to unload some of the burden weighing heavy on your heart, even if you don't share them.

Antigone said...

I've been told by a guy I'm paying money that my own difficulty with putting thoughts to words is because of depression. As if I needed him to tell me I was depressed.

I think a part of our brains just shuts down when confronted with so much grief.

c. said...

I find I am at the same place. I used to post daily. I still have a lot to say, but so little that hasn't been said before.