Monday, October 26, 2009

His voice

My wonderful husband just wrote a post that both punched me in the stomach and made me love him all the more. Check it out.


Once A Mother said...

It really resonated with me. I am so sorry for the pain that you have both been through, but feel grateful that you have each other to love through this loss.

Anonymous said...

thanks for pointing us to that. it's terrible and lovely at once. --carole

niobe said...

I'm heading over to read it now.

charmedgirl said...

i asked marc the other day, "do you think you have three kids or four?" and he said, " i HAVE three..i used to have four, but i don't anymore." that particular question is so complicated, but he pretty much simplified it, for me, anyway.

why does what he says always prick my heart?

Unknown said...

wow, that was hard to read. it's happened to me before b/c i'm around kids all the time for my work. they always say things that make me have to say "my baby died" or "there is no baby in my belly" out loud all the time. those are the heart-wrenching moments where we just have to face our reality.

thanks for your comments on my blog btw. wishing you lots of luck - we're in the same boat.