Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And another thing...

I love my SILs (C's sisters), but one of them just posted a link (iamse.cond) on her FB status.

Religion? Fine. Want someone to serve as an example, or a guide? Great.

Tell me that my life is entirely God's plan? No fucking way.

I get to go through all this because it's part of some bigger plan? Some lesson for me or someone I love? Uh uh.

I'm sorry, but that angers me -- offends me -- more even more than the idea that this was all random, the luck of the draw.

Someone else innocuously implied that recently, too. Trying to understand god's plan for me, or something.

Are you KIDDING? How did I get so lucky? How did others?

Sorry. I don't fucking get it.

There is no fairness in the universe. There is only the universe.


Sara said...

Oh gag me.

Sorry about that. I agree. There's no fairness and seriously, that site is just beyond description. Football talent is somehow in God's plan and he's with Sam on the field? Please. I have some friends from my old school who would disagree.

Blah. I'm sorry you were subjected to that.

Mama Cas said...

Oh my. (I just found your blog through Mommy Wants Vodka.) I agree 100% with what you're saying. It's ridiculous to think that "God" takes away someone's baby in accordance with some arbitrary plan or that he's trying to teach some big life lesson.


Your babies were lost because of a medical problem and the major life lesson here is that horrible, awful things can happen to good people and that life is unfair and sucky sometimes.

I'm so sorry for you.

HD said...

right there with you on this one.
i heard this over and over after losing my babies until i finally just said, (quite forcefully) if this was HIS plan then fuck HIM.

much to the shock of all in the room.

but it was how i felt then and still do. i read this book "when bad things happen to good people" written by a rabbi and made so much sense to me. life happens. sometimes it's shit. but HE is too busy to be managing our lives by dolling out miracles to some and testing faith with tragedy for others. HE doesn't roll like that.

C said...

(Glad to have found your story)...

Those who believe it is a plan, haven't felt anything close to what you have felt. They can't have if they think anything CLOSE to these life-altering tragedies is a PLAN--much less a NECESSARY PLAN. We take things away from these experiences, for certain, but DAMN I would still be a good, happy, thankful person minus a few of them... Your last line of this post is wise. So sad, yet so wise.

CLC said...

I think people who believe in God's plan never had anything bad happen to them. Just my opinion, for what it's worth.

Once A Mother said...

I have struggled so much with my faith since losing my daughter, and I cringe when people say this stuff to me because what God would choose to have little babies die? It just doesn't make sense. There is no God that would say, "I know, I will put a dead baby in her plan so she can learn some huge life lesson."