Monday, October 19, 2009


I am full of hate.

No particular reason, aside from my aching ovaries and bloated belly. And that stupid class I can't seem to get away from.

And the clock ticking.

And just stupid people in general. Stupid, careless, clueless people.

And, well, just in general.

Full. Of. Hate.


charmedgirl said...

how can you not be full of the hate during fertility treatments?!?! one would think one would be full of hope and light and know...trying to make (a) babi(es) and all...hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! NOT!
it all fucking SUCKS. hang in there for the love of all that's holy...BLEH!! (is all that too harsh?)

Michele said...

sending hugs. big ones. lots of em.

Sara said...

Charmedgirl said it all.

So true. Blah I wish I could fast forward this shit for you.

k@lakly said...

It sucks, plain and simple. I hate it for you. HATE IT.