Friday, May 14, 2010

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I can't seem to get up.

There's a sweet dog leaning her head against my leg. It's been there since she came in from her walk several hours ago. Since my return, she has been my little furry, red-headed shadow, despite the 5-star accommodations she had this weekend.

I have one leg over the side of the bed. I need to get up and do my work.

Maybe it's the weight of May pressing on me. My sister mentioned this to me, about how she used to love May in NY. I did, too.

Now I would have the whole month stricken from the calendar, were it not for my wonderful wedding day.

I still need to get up. I have responsibilities. The world will not wait for me.

There is much to tell about this weekend. It will wait. Just a bit longer, I guess.


It is what it is said...

I hope you were able to will yourself to get up. Sometimes just going through the motions, even if you know you are doing just that, is enough to begin to clear the cobwebs.

I hope you are able to tackle some of what you have to do this weekend and that that alone brings a sense of satisfaction. If now, well, there's always next weekend.

Michele said...

Sending hugs and the strength to take that first of many steps today...

loribeth said...

I've just been (re)reading through your last several posts. No wonder you don't like May; I don't think anyone could blame you for wanting to hide under the covers until it's over. (((hugs)))