Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Friend

I added a link to my Good Reading section. It is written by Chris of Elm City Dad, and featured on Glow in the Woods. He lost his sweet baby Silas, just hours after his birth.

Chris's (and his wife, Lani's) posts can sometimes be hard to read, but this is not to say they should not be read. It is just that they are so raw, and often bring both me and my husband right back to that place. Whatever emotion, moment, event they are describing comes in technicolor through the black pixels forming letters on the screen.

They are not always easy to read, these words, but they are important to say. And, maybe most importantly, they need to be heard.

We were lucky enough to have family and friends be there for us in many of the ways Chris describes. I will always be grateful to them.

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loribeth said...

I love Chris & Lani's posts too. And that was a great one.