Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Small Redemption

At 1:27 am, an email came in from my brother. He thanked me for being supportive, and said that he knows it isn't easy for me.

When I talked with him on the phone earlier, I joked that it was time to be a man, time to "grow the fuck up."

One very tiny step towards man-kind. Well, let's hope.


Tash said...

I'm giving him points for that Sue. Especially since I know people in my family who would never follow up like that. Keep reminding him. xo

loribeth said...

Better late than never, I guess.

Siri said...

From what you describe as the usual family m.o., this seems a huge step up. Glad it came, even if belatedly!

k@lakly said...

Good for him. Sometimes it is just the acknoweldgment of the past that makes the present that much more bearable.
I hope he keeps taking those little steps. Did you write back?


Beruriah said...

Definitely will hope this is a step. Even on its own terms though, it's something. I wish he could have said it out loud though.

Much love.

Anonymous said...

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