Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where did sleep go?

I'm feeling the anxiety and sadness begin to creep back in. I've been able to resist it, but when I'm tired, it's not good.

Good meeting with the RE today, I think. Still processing it. He has some ideas, and was mostly reassuring. Details soon, once I begin to sort them out. No major changes. Yet.

Rough, rough day. Still processing that, too. Thanks, you guys, for being there. It means a lot.


Just looked at the side effects for the Le.va.quin I'm taking. At double the typical dose for a kidney infection. Among others, it has "caused convulsions and other nervous system disorders, including warning signs" of nervous reactions "ranging from restlessness and tremors to depression and hallucinations..." (from Drugs.com). Also? side effects may include difficulty sleeping. And dry mouth (I am SO thirsty - mentioned being thirsty to C and he said "no diabetes for you!).

Did the NP ask about a history of CNS issues? (Like seizures?) or anything like depression? Nope. Maybe it's not common. Of course, I am a freak of nature, so why would I be normal?

Guess it's time to call the real GP to get some info. Or maybe the pharm.


Anonymous said...

after earl died, and after three faile rounds of meds and no pgs, i went to see a psychologist who "specializes" in working with women dealing with infertility (and so, loss). she was awesome. she's the one who gave me info on alice domar and her ideas/techniques. she's the one who got me meditating daily. i relaxed, lost weight, started to enjoy life again. and all that helped me *know* when it was time to do things.

of course, my verification word for these comments is "kersplat" so maybe i should just shut up.


Betty M said...

Hope the GP can help on the rug front. Thinking of you.

Clerk said...

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