Monday, March 23, 2009

Of course

My computer quit on me. It just shut down. Won't turn on, won't turn off.

On the other hand, I have a call in to a great doctor for a consult. Just waiting for him to get out of surgery so we can set things up with his assistant. Nervous, but good nervous. I think. Just need to be able to keep my head together when the time comes.

I know I've been quiet. More soon, though.


Betty M said...

Good nervous is good. Thinking of you.

Michele said...

Computers are great... My iMac at home is so slow at this point that I find myself ready to quit before I've even started. But she still works, so I wont complain (too much!)

Good luck with the doc! Fingers crossed!

k@lakly said...

Good nervous. I hope this doc is THE ONE.
Thinking of you.