Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In the meantime

Busy day, haven't had time to write, but hope to tonight.

Here's my bitch of the day:

Something that both annoyed me and made me sad on (you guessed it) FB. (Why do I even go there?)

One of my SILs completed the "Ci.rcle of Moms" survey, '10 questions about your kids.'

1. How many children have you had?
2. Have you ever had any stillbirths/miscarriages/pregnancy losses?
3. What gender are your kids?
4. What are their full names?
5. What would they have been called had they been the other gender?
6. Did you get the genders you wanted?
7. How much did your babies weigh when they were born?
8. Did you have natural births/ c sections/forceps etc?
9. What has been your favourite age so far?
10. Do you want any more children?

Really, the only two I can't answer are 5 and 9. Well, I guess I could, but it's a stretch. I can't decide what I think about number 2.

I was feeling resentful and contrary so I went to the page, and they made you join if you wanted to see the other quizzes. Anyway, not-a-mom. Not really. Not the way it's intended, here.

I really have so little patience for anything anymore.

Sorry for the :-p.


jill said...

Ugh FB stuff drives me crazy. I can't go there without being slapped in the face that I'm *gasp* not a mom yet. Not just by my "friends" but ads and quizzes and... blah. It all sucks.

Sara said...

Jeez. I hate that crap. I haven't joined C of M's, although I've gotten numerous invitations. I do talk about Baby Man and share pictures on FB, but I just don't go for that weird mommy stuff. Don't know if I would have pre-loss, either, though honestly. I haven't seen the quizzes with question 2. The /// with different options irks me too. It's a yes or no question, so what're you gonna say, "yes" and leave it at that.

niobe said...

I'm so not into FB that I've tried on numerous occasions to delete my account. It's harder than it looks.

Unknown said...

Good lord, what an insensitive thing to send to you. That's just awful. I've mixed feelings about FB. Sometimes it's a great way to escape but other times, there are too many reminders of what others have and I don't...I made a promise to myself last night that I wasn't going on Facebook but 2 times a week but it can be addictive so we shall see...

erica said...

FB is ambush-rich territory. I keep hiding people, but it doesn't seem to help much. I'm so sorry you had to encounter this.

Cliff Evans said...

I don't blame her (okay, it's one of my sisters), because FB isn't really a selective medium for the most part - you're broadcasting, basically. For every kid-related thing there's something not kid-related. And neither one of us have been especially shy about posting stuff related to our boys on things like Father's Day or the anniversary of their death. But yeah, babies everywhere.

I don't know if I'm healing or just numb, but it doesn't bother me as much as it used to.

Sue said...

And really, I don't think I'm angry at her (SIL), I think I'm just resentful that I don't get to do that. Silly surveys about how many kids I have. (Also, for the fact that I may never). But I'm resentful for me, C, for all of us, who will always think twice when asked that question. Any of those questions.

Michele said...

reasons why I'm not on FB....

You are a mom. Really. In all the way that counts.