Monday, April 14, 2008

We interrupt your regularly scheduled moping for...


In response to my earlier post, Newt wisely suggested that in order to allow my husband and me to properly grieve, we should really put the cats to work, make them earn their keep. Ah, very wise, my dear Newt. Unfortunately, the kitties have very busy schedules, as you'll see see from the pictures below -- just a glimpse* of what their days look like. **Warning self-indulgence looming ahead.**

Hazel, hard at work being Kitty in a Drawer:

Abby, casually laying across my hip, making the computer inaccessible:

There there is the X-treme Snuggling competition to prepare for:

And then resting up after a long hard day:

Yes, our girls have it quite rough. Perhaps one of these day I'll ramp up the doting kitty-owner factor/nausea and regale you with tales of their sweetness.

In the meantime, here's Ball of Cat:

We now return you to your regularly scheduled mopey posts. Thank you.

*I apologize for the large picture files/slow loading -- I'm still learning about this new-fangled "blog" thing.


Newt said...

Oh my gosh, those cats are cute. But so lazy! While they're in that drawer they could be folding laundry. And while they're on your lap, they could be typing. Can't they multitask?

And is that one kitty in a ball, or two? It's just a blob o' cat on my screen, so that one might just double as a feather duster.

Tash said...

Aw, what pretty kitties!

Busted said...

I love your kitties! Thank you so much for making me smile and laugh - and I am really hoping that they did the same for you. How can you see such cuteness and not smile, even deep down inside if not outwardly?

I'm sorry you had such a crappy weekend - I'm sorry you have to deal with family pregnancies around you.

Sue said...

Newt, Tash, and Busted: thanks for your comments!

Newt, they are extremely lazy! Whenever we try to lay down the law (lift that barge, tote that bale), they just look at us to say "Excuse me? *I* am a cat. Miaow. Really."

Oh, and it's just one cat (Hazel) -- I had to tilt my screen a little to see her, too.

Maybe next time I'll be able to catch them in an "action pose." Hazel, particularly is either still or moving 100mph. And leaping.

Busted, they did make me smile today. It's been a bad couple of days, but the kitties have been of great comfort. And their cuteness is, at times, unstoppable. (Oh, and my family is all spread out. And yet, still in my face. How is that possible?)

Newt said...

Oh well. Get a little drunk and you land in jail.

Amy said...

Pretty Kitties, amazing how they can make us smile. Thank you for sharing!

Antigone said...

Kitties! I run around the house all day taking photos of mine. I found one in the spaghetti pot within the cabinet under the range.

Ya Chun said...

super cute.

my cat is demon spawn, although he really did comfort me when we were in full on grief. I guess he does appreciate me....