Thursday, July 15, 2010


is okay.

It's 90-something degrees, blue skies with puffy white clouds. I'm out on a field trip by myself to try to do some work, or at least some writing, and to treat myself to something, be it a pedicure or something purchased with a gift card from my dad from March.

There were a couple of good clips about aging/turning 40 that I wanted to post, but our internet is out. Again. Maybe later.

So, yeah. Getting fb love. C is being very sweet. Feeling philosophical for now.

Thanks for being here, folks. You are a great gift to me.


jill said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. I read your last post and was thinking of you. I'm in a similar place right now and am sending you lots of mental hugs.

(my word verification is "nookie" - hah)

Amber said...

Enjoy your field trip!

luna said...

happy birthday, sue!
I'm not sure if it was today or coming soon, but I hope you find a lovely way to mark the day. xo

Tash said...

Wait, did I miss a birthday? TREAT YOURSELF! I always liked going to movies by myself. Still do. Sort of the ultimate luxury not having to share my snacks.

I hated 40 and really hit bottom a few weeks later, but once it was in my rear view mirror I actually felt a lot better. Something about approaching it and turning it was awful, but once beyond it? The big ugly was gone. Hoping for the same for you.

Sue said...

Thanks, folks, yes, it was my birthday yesterday. It was mixed, and I'll probably write about it, but I did get lots of love. Thanks for remembering.

Ya Chun said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sue!

Hope you treated yourself well and enjoyed the beautiful skies.

loribeth said...

(Still!!) trying to catch up on my blog reading & commenting after vacation. So sorry I missed your birthday. I hope you did something wonderful for yourself. I spent my 40th at the spa -- it was an expensive day, but damnit, I'm worth it & I deserved it. ; )