Thursday, June 17, 2010

A New Member of the Club

I just heard from JK that a good friend of hers just lost her baby boy at 33 weeks. I don't know other details.

I sent her links to GITW and Stirrup Queens. Also the links from Julia and Chris's posts.

What else can I do? Something that helped me was messages from LFCA, but I don't think she's got a blog. Suggestions?

How about here? Feel free to leave her messages here. I'll pass them (or the link) to her through JK.

Times like these remind me how lucky I am to have you all. I know I've been whiny and a bad bloggy friend lately, but I really couldn't have made it this far without you.



jill said...

That is so horrible :( My heart goes out to her.

Reese said...

Sue, so sorry to hear this. I found MISS quite helpful those first few weeks after Ronan died.

She will have to 'register' to see the boards, but a lot of women are there, round the clock, and there is always someone to talk to...



Reba said...

oh i'm so sorry for her. :( MISS was my most helpful resource right at the beginning. i also found reading blogs very comforting even though i didn't have one myself yet. and i had my therapist of course.

Brianna said...

My heart goes out to this family :(

The four biggest things that helped me:

1. Finding and reading blogs written by people who had gone through what I was going through.

2. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. I'm not sure if they were offered this service, but I hope they were and accepted.

3. My counselor!

4. My local support group, where once a month I could talk about my kids without people being uncomfortable or not knowing what to say.

Also, suggest or similar things so that they can begin acquiring things with their son's name on it.

Also, not sure of the logistics, but, when they are ready.

loribeth said...

I second the suggestion about a support group, if there's one in her area (the hospital can usually provide some information). Online support was my daily lifeline, but I also loved being able to meet & talk with "real life" parents who had been through the same thing & were dealing with the same issues as us.

P.S. Love the new look!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your suggestions and support. I passed it all along to my friend and hope that she finds the level of comfort and understanding that Sue has. Thank you all for being here, and for sharing your experiences.