Sunday, June 13, 2010


Just finished her book. You know the one. I wasn't ready til now. (Maybe I'm still not.)

It was so beautiful. I want to send her a note to thank her for writing it. I want to give it to everyone I know.


m said...

Yes. Oh yes. I received it from a friend and I was a.) so touched she would read it and even remotely try to understand and b.) that she thought it might give me some comfort. I don't know why it did (no happy ending here yet, nor for you either, I know) but it did. That book. I loved it. I tried to press it into M's hands. He wasn't having it. Maybe he'll be ready later. Or maybe not.

I'm really glad it touched you too.

loribeth said...

It is a fabulous book!!

luna said...

yes it is a gorgeous book. I just ate it up.

Mirne said...

Yes I read it. It was sitting in my bookshelf until I was ready to read it.