Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mrs. K

B's mom.

When we weren't hanging around my house, we were hanging around her house. Her kitchen. Spotless. It was always spotless. Any time of day. Even with the dog, Taffy.

B and I made chocolate chip cookies over there when we were bored teenagers.

She was the first person I told when my mom died. I called her to get B's number at work, and I couldn't not tell her.

She sent me info about possible wedding sites. She was the red herring to get me to my surprise bridal shower.

She'd run into my dad at Shop-Rite. She sent me congratulations on my pregnancy, but not until 16 or 17 weeks (she didn't want to jinx anything). She sent cards after we lost the boys. She just sent me a sympathy card when my grandmother died.

I had a standing invitation for family events. I came for Easter dinners. I came by whenever I was in NY. I griped to her about my brother. She made great apple pie. She talked to me like a person.

She always had a smile for me. A sarcastic laugh or raised eyebrow or eye-roll. Short blond hair with a shock of white.

Always with a cigarette.

She had emph.ysema. A heart condition.

Surgery I didn't get to ask about.

I got a text message at 10pm tonight from B.

She's gone.


Tash said...

oh wow. i'm so sorry. i hope you can find the strength to write some of these lovely everyday memories down for B to let her know how much she meant to you. She sounds like she was family. Love to you all.

Aunt Becky said...

Oh Sue, I'm so very sorry. I'm so very sorry. Sending you love and light.

It is what it is said...

Such a lovely tribute to her.

I am sorry for this unexpected loss. You have had a rough go of late.

Betty M said...

I'm sorry. She sounds like a lovely and thoughtful woman. These words will mean a lot to your friend.

k@lakly said...

She sounds like a gem. I hope you are able to create a journal or other writing to share with B of your memories of her. They are so much more helpful than flowers, the memories, they live forever.
So sorry you have had another loss of such a tremendous soul.

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loribeth said...

I'm sorry, Sue. (((hugs)))

Siri said...

who knew more tears could come? In case you are cried out, here are some of mine. What a moving tribute.