Sunday, August 1, 2010

Or Maybe

Maybe I just need to suck it up.

Watching one of those ER reality shows (instead of sleeping) and they show this woman with stage IV colon cancer. End stage.

She's 25.

And she's pretty philosophical about it. And religious.

My friend B says, "it can always get worse.". She's had a hell of a few years. Or five.



Jo said...

Yes, it could be worse.

But that doesn't take away the fact that it hurts.

Thinking of you.


Peaches said...

I've quit saying that it 'could' get worse because I've found it usually does...and for me, just because someone else is at rock bottom (such as yourself) it really doesn't make me feel better, KWIM? I'd rather noone had to suffer and hurt...Wishing your hurt was a bit smaller today, and even more so tomorrow..