Tuesday, October 26, 2010

She's here

I'm an aunt again. My brother's daughter, Talia, was born this afternoon. Everyone is healthy and safe.

My brother, of course, handled the announcement as clumsily as possible, send my father a text message to the waiting room. Thankfully I had already planned out how I wanted to hear the news, from my sister.

I haven't the faintest glimmer of joy for them . Not yet, anyway. Still hoping for that.

Now, I have to go finish writing my comps.


Beruriah said...

Emotions are tough. Joy is hard.

You will love her, but this is all a process.

erica said...

Oh, this sounds hard. Glad everyone is okay, but I was hoping you wouldn't have to deal with this till after your comps.

Once A Mother said...

i agree with the others - the emotions are normal, and you will find that joy. Be kind to yourself if it doesn't come right away. It is so hard. My sister had a child, her third, right after my daughter died. It was hard but with time I found healing in his birth.

Michele said...

sending hugs...

Humberto Dib said...

Hi, I just popped in to say hello, great blog, congratulations!
You can visit mine if you feel like.
Cheers from Argentina!


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